Tunisia To Launch Anti-Extremism Campaign To Curb Radicalization Among The Youth

tunisia anti-radicalization
Tunisian security forces stand guard during a wreath-laying ceremony on the beach in Sousse where tourists were massacred. (Photo Courtesy)
March 18, 2016: Tunisia has announced a campaign that will counter religious extremism among its youths following a streak of jihadists’ attacks in the country and her neighbors.

The one-year campaign is expected to start immediately and will is tagged "Islam's real, moderate values" to protect "youth and their thinking from terrorism".

The campaign that is channeled through the Religious Affairs Ministry will include:

  • A website with recorded sermons and religious seminars dunned ‘Ghodwa khir’ meaning tomorrow will be better in Tunisian Arab dialect
  • Awareness programmes funded by the government on public and private radio and TV stations
  • A helpline that the youth can call to ask questions on religion
  • Authorized imams and preachers who will supervise classes in mosques

Authorities in Tunisia are also planning to launch a programme to ideologically reform and rehabilitate the suspects arrested in terrorism-related cases.

Extremism in Tunisia began rising after the 2011 revolution that ousted the longtime dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and has been on a steady rise characterized by violent attacks and suicide bombings on resorts, police and army personnel as well as innocent civilians.

Additionally, thousands of jihadists have signed up and actually travelled abroad and to the neighboring Libya to join the Islamic State (ISIS).


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