Suicide Bombers Strike Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Intelligence Report

Suicide bombers struck twice today in Egypt’s South Sinai, killing at least one soldier and wounding seven, intelligence services report.

The suicide missions are in retaliation to the army iron grip on the country leadership.

Egypt’s military has managed to keep the country stable and preempting threats on the national security by remaining non-partisan to political systems in the country.

In the second attack, the suicide bomber killed a policeman in Cairo.

In Alexandria, a sea-port city, protesters clashed with police as they castigated the government over the overthrow of Mohamed Mursi’s government.

Egypt is headed to the polls in four weeks and the violence notes are increasing.

Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood, was deposed by the army in July 2013 after massive protests against his rule across the country paralyzed the country.

Army General Al-Sisi is expected to win the Egypt presidential election.

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