Safety Counteractive Measures in the Event of a Terror Attack

Jihadists groups globally like the ISIS, Al- Shabaab, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda among others have in the recent past threatened the lives of innocents by preying and attacking them to push their atrocious agenda.

While everything is being done by security agents to foil and preempt would be attacks a few unfortunate attacks have happened causing deaths of people. All people need to vigilante and take Safety Counteractive Measures as well as be constantly prepared in the event they are caught up in a terror attack.

Terrorists and other criminals use crude methods and here are a few tips to survive a terror attack in case of:

  1. Gunfire
  • Look for a place to hide preferably behind a solid object that can shield you
  • Lie flat on the ground Remain calm and quiet as u assess the situation
  • Remain focused and try to device means and ways to lead you to safety
  • Survey the area and look for alternative exits for when you escape
  • Remain sharp and try to derive information from the surroundings to be able to differentiate police from the attackers
  • Listen to emergency officials to avoid being in the way of your rescue
  1. Explosion Occurrence
  • Get under a table or shelter behind a solid object and avoid being very close to walls
  • Get as low as possible to evade smoke and debris
  • Lie low before you leave in case of another explosion
  • Move carefully being ware of weakened floors and collapsing roofs and stairways
  • Walk below the smoke lest its poisonous
  • Don’t turn up the electric switches as you help people up and leave the scene as fast as you can
  1. Trapped in Debris
  • Used flashlight or your phone to signal for help
  • Stay put and avoid unnecessary movement to avoid crumbling and cover mouth and nose to protect from dust
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In the event that one is injured try performing first aid, avoid panicking and think critically. Terrorists prey on the fear and element of surprise to thrive that only requires one to be vigilant and calm to spot an escape plan and take it.

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