Saab Unveil the First Gripen E Multi-role Fighter Jet


Military acquisition reports indicate that Saab has unveiled its much anticipated next generation of Gripen E fighter.

The unveiling comes three years before it makes its first delivery of 96 to the air forces of Sweden and Brazil.

The multi-role fighter is expected to undergo first of three tests before being handed over to the flight test department at the site (Swedish manufacturer’s Linköping site in Sweden).

Gripen E will make its debut flight before the end of 2016 according to the company.

The additional two Swedish test assets are already in different stages of structural assembly.

Multi-Role Fighter In Brief

Gripen E is a fully NATO-interoperable and a true multi-role fighter.

The fighter has outstanding availability tailored for the future Network Centric Warfare (NCW) environment.

Gripen E will meet the demanding operational requirements of the 21st century air forces and its unrivalled multi-role capability provides excellent tactical flexibility.

Operational Dominance

Gripen E expected to offer operational dominance, flexibility with superior mission survivability.

Has air-to air superiority, with METEOR, AMRAAM, IRIS-T, AIM-9 missile capability and super cruise.

Also has air-surface capability using the latest generation precision weapons and targeting sensors.

Gripen E’s superior situation awareness is ensured through AESA radar, IRST passive sensor, HMD, cutting-edge avionics, next generation data processing and a state-of-the-art cockpit.

Can maneuver on worst weather conditions even at night, detect and destroy a wide variety of targets, has advance data communications, satellite communications, video links among other functionalities.

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