Rwanda Intelligence Chief Karenzi Karake Released by British Court


General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake, Chief of Rwanda Intelligence Service was released by a British Court in London.

54 Year old Rwandan Intelligence Chief was arrested in London over alleged war crimes by a Spanish Court over alleged war crimes after the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

General Karenzi Defense team was led by Cherie Blair, the wife to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The arrest of the Intelligence Director caused a diplomatic war between Kigali and London.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda informed Britain of ramifications if the case against his Intelligence Chief was not handled professionally.

President Kagame is renowned for his stance against Western imperialism and fearlessness when confronting any European country.

In his statement on the arrest of the Rwandan Intelligence Chief, President Kagame alleged Britain mistook the General for an ‘illegal emigrant’ .

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