Puntland Forces Kill Several Al-Shabaab Operatives, Seize Weaponry in Bosaso Raid

Puntland forces conducted an operation in Bosaso killing several Al-Shabaab terrorists. The operation also saw the forces seize a huge haul of weaponry.

Bosaso is a strategic location which has harbored Al-Shabaab elements for any years. Locals have aided in the recent military interventions saying terror operations have been forcibly collecting zakat (levies) from them. Also the terror group has resulted into recruiting minors into their terror camps.

Puntland security officials in Bosaso displayed quantities of mortar shells captured in counter-raids that have taken place in the port town over the past few days.

Several attacks occurred in Bosaso in the past years have been claimed by Al-Shabaab and pro-ISIS faction in Somalia.

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