Plot To Attack Spain’s Royal Family Blocked, 8 ISIS Suspects Arrested

An attempt to attack Spain’s royal family by the ISIS militia group failed after Spanish authorities detected the same following their ambush on terror cells last week.

The attack which was to serve as a revenge by ISIS was targeting Spanish King Felipe VI’s daughters, Leonor and Sofia.

Authorities, led by Spain’s Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz have confirmed that the extremist had established communications with eight people; Six men and two women.

An operation which was conducted in Barcelona, Girona, Avila and Ciudad Real across Spain ended after the eight were arrested.

Apart from the royal family, our credible sources have also confirmed that the militants were also targeting immigrants and Spaniards of Moroccan origin, which they would use as an “example” to display their massive attacks in the West.

The police have issued a statement saying that the suspects were in constant contact with the extremist who were operating from Iraq and Syria. The police added that they found hand written notes as evidence of the group’s connection with the ISIS.

It is believed that approximately 100 Spanish citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join IS.

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