Over 50 Suspected Al-Shabaab Militants & their Sympathizers Arrested in a Major Security Swoop in Mogadishu

Somali police take position after Islamist group al Shabaab attacked Maka Al-Mukarama hotel in Mogadishu, March 27, 2015. REUTERS/Feisal Omar


Somali police on Sunday 1/10/2017 conducted a major security swoop in Somali’s capital Mogadishu arresting over 50 suspected Al-Shabaab militants and their sympathizers.

Small arms, IEDs making materials and jihadist materials, flags were also recovered.

According to Mogadishu police sources the operation was intelligence led, with locals providing information to the police and NISA officers.

Corresponding OSINT reports indicate that the dawn operation was carried out in Mogadishu town with Police searching houses suspected to be hiding dens of Al-Shabaab and their sympathizers.

Police said the arrested will undergo a thorough interrogation. The Sunday operation was aimed at flushing out Al-Shabaab elements reported in the capital and the nearby localities.

Mogadishu Police commander noted that the counter-terrorism operations across the country will continue to flush and neutralized Al-Shabaab remnants to their last one.

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