North Korea Artillery Brigade Fire Shells as US Gen Walter L. Sharp Tours Yeonpyeong Island

North Korea’s 1 artillery regiment (3 battalions of 122 mm rocket launchers 1 battalion of 152 mortars) have moved near the coast in readiness for a confrontation with US and South Korea might shortly after its 1st Mortar battalion fired shells inside its own territory

Smoke was seen billowing from a hill in North Korea shortly after US Gen. Walter L. Sharp, visited Yeonpyeong Island to survey the damage done by Tuesdays shelling of the Yeonpyeong Island.

North Korea fired shells; most likely warning shots shortly after the General left the Island.

The US has already moved a flotilla in to the Yellow putting China at crossroads for failing to reign in North Korea let alone condemn its provocative military acts.

Aircraft carrier USS George Washington is already in the Yellow sea ready to launch tactical sea and air defense mock sorties along with South Korean forces.

The planned drill has been seriously criticized by North Korea and China both, which find it an act of provocation. According to South Korean intelligence quoting the defense ministry, the artillery fired on Friday were aimed at scaring the South Korea military base in Yeonpyeong Island and to mock Gen. Walter L. Sharp visit.

Either North Korea is already feeling the heat or has developed a weapon that they are so desperate to test that they are using ‘attention seeking’ measures to start a war as a platform to test it.

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