‘Morgan’Paul Sadala killed in Bunia, Congo

_MG_2388Killer, rapist and poacher ‘Morgan’Paul Sadala has been killed in a gunfight in DR Congo, an intelligence report confirms.

‘Morgan’Paul Sadala a cannibal turned militia is accused of kidnap, rape, and cannibalism in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Morgan the Cannibal was killed on Monday alongside four of his comrade when they made an attempt to escape Congo military which had captured them.

‘Morgan’Paul Sadala who operated in the Orientale province of DRC as a militia leader surrendered to DRC military on Saturday along 40 of his men.

‘Morgan’of Congo attacked his army captors escorting him to Bunia killing 2 DRC soldiers.

Soldiers escorting him shot him and two of his men. He died of excessive bleeding as he was being flow to a medical center.

Mai Mai Morgan militia attacked villages in Okapi Fauna Reserve, a World Heritage site, since 2012.

He has been poaching elephants, attacking goldmines, kidnap and cannibalism.

Mai Mai Morgan militia operates deep inside Congo forests and has also engaged in mass rapes in the DRC.

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