Lamu terror attacks blamed on Mombasa Republican Council militants.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility of these attacks and was even reporting the events nearly live through Radio Andlus.
Al-Shabaab claims all the attackers retreated safely to base.
In Kenya Al-Shabaab have terror cells and approximately 600 members; a number that includes intelligence units.
Throughout OPERATION LINDA INCHI Al-Shabaab has never failed to conduct a terror attack and related crime if they threaten to do so.
In the warzone they even sent hand written letters threatening to attack Kenyan soldiers and they would make true their threats using the word ‪#‎Kuchemshana‬.
When Kenyan police blame MRC which has not yet properly grouped nor formed a proper command chain it is wanting.
Key intelligence leads. Is there a connection or relationship between Al-Shabaab and MRC
Does MRC subscribe to ethnic-religious terrorism? MRC is currently an amorphous separist movement. MRC operates in Kwale and Mombasa county where they aim to create an autonomous state. MRC has no land in the distant Lamu and Tana River counties and had no active cells in those areas. Land in these areas is unclaimed and the population is sparse. Locals and those who settled here live in urban-like settlements. The poverty level is high hence hardly interesting to land militants.

Al-Shabaab is a religious-political outfit that attacks GOK resources such as police, military, or buildings and citizens who do not subscribe to Islam. Terror psychology points out public appearances and statements as key indicators of a terror group presence. MRC is defunct or yet to start talking again. Were MRC youth contracted and conscripted to Al-Shabaab? The Alliance of the two could be highly hyped and MRC claiming they are on track with their Movement.

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The type of attacks in Lamu and Tana have religious markings besides typical Al-Shabaab insignia.
Attackers use military formations during attacks. MRC has not launched a sophisticated weaponry attack in Kenya rather involved in typical gang attacks using pangas and one or two guns. MRC is not religious rather are land militants. Deputy Grace Kaindi admits there were intelligence reports of possible terror attacks.

Heavy deployment after Mpeketoni attacks could have preempted attacks. Intelligence reports confirm police officers were caught offgaurd and took off. Military Intelligence worried police not up to task to deal with such crime. The matrix is large and police must move with speed to salvage the situation

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