Kenya’s Diplomacy Shepherding Peace in South Sudan


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Albeit a high of emotions at home by citizens that about approximately 30,000 Kenyan's are threatened in and about Juba, the conflicted capital of Southern Sudan caused storms on social media and local dailies, Nairobi hasn’t been paying lip service to the problems of its northern neighbor.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his foreign affairs minister have relentlessly engaged the political leadership in Southern Sudan besides asking the two factions SPLM and SPLM-IO to end hostilities, enforce a ceasefire, and resume the enactment of the peace process.

It has paid off well. There was a de-escalation of the hostilities. A Ceasefire has held, and life is slowly returning to Juba.

Fierce clashes continued much of the week (July 11th throughout the week) between rival factions loyal to President Salvar Kiir Mayardit and Vice President and formerly 'a rebel leader' Riek Marchar. The conflict escalated in the capital juba prompting the United States, Germany, and India, besides other countries such as Uganda to send small batches of military units to facilitate evacuation of embassy staffers.

However, Nairobi's efforts through soft power and direct diplomacy have changed the environment. The de-escalation of the violence has led to the resumption of flights to the international airport in Juba besides resumption of a peaceful atmosphere in Juba. If pursued, diplomacy by Nairobi is likely to ensure peace and stability will be achieved in the young East African country, Southern Sudan.

While all was gloom, maybe due to having too much firepower in a small place or a trigger happy factional army, Kenya's foreign ministry has indeed put in place conditions that have helped Southern Sudan find hope.

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According to Foriegn Secretary Amina Mohamed, peace in Southern Sudan is the truly profound, and Kenya will continue to play it's role in ensuring there's peace and stability in its freind and northern neighbor.



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