Kenya Security Risks.

Terror networks may start collaborating with criminal gangs in Kenya.

Criminal gang renaissance in Kenya may obscure desired security-economics.

Mungiki has started making strategic moves.
Sabaot Land Defense Forces have started grouping and recruiting.

Al-Hijra is the Kenya wing of Al-Shabaab the East African Al-Qaeda.
Mombasa radical Islamic sheihks sympathetic to Al-Shabaab.

The terrorist groups may engage criminal gangs to facilitate crime.

Funding criminal gangs besides providing resources like guns and grenades highly possible.

The gangs seek supremacy but are often stymied by civil resistance.
If armed and financed they can become capable of achieving their objective.

Mungiki criminal elements seek economic capacity through extortion and oppression, a strategy that identifies with Al-Shabaabs economic strategy in Somalia.

This should be thoroughly mitigated. Youths in Criminal gangs are jobless hence vulnerable and easily coached to join in Criminal economic activities

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