Iran Speaker Larijani: Extremist Takfiri Ideology Has Sullied Image of Islam

Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani
Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani
Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani

Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani said the ideology of extremist Takfiri groups has besmirched and tarnished Islam reputation.

Monday 21st September 2015, Larijani said on the floor of the parliament that it is sad that the terrorism and current Takfiri situation have dominated the world public opinion tarnishing the image of Islam. Takfiris commit countless atrocities under the guise of Islam saying this is totally contradictory to Islamic teaching.

Violent extremism witnessed in the global Takfiri circles has caused key problems to peace loving Muslim community and instead it has turned into a huge headache for the Muslim world.

Citing the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group, the militant Islamist outfit has been operating in primarily in Syria and Iraq.

The terrorist group is notorious in committing heinous crimes ranging from decapitations and crucifixions in the name of Islam.

The same killing of innocent people has been witnessed by Al Qaeda and all it affiliate branches, Taliban where acts of terror have been justified to religion.

According to the Iran’s parliament speaker, many Islamic scholars, including from Iran, have denounced the activities of Daesh, saying they bear no link to Islam whatsoever, it is high time Muslim youths across the world turn a new page, view the extremist Takfiri groups for whom they are, terrorists who deserves nothing less but punishment.

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