Intelligence and Defense Reaffirms Kenya Airforce Will Opt F-15 Fighters

Intelligence and defense experts in Kenya will take F-15 fighter jets to upgrade the current fleet of F-5 fighters.

Previous reports and intelligence news on the acquisition of new jets for Kenya airforce were based on the military assessment on which aircraft suited them best.

Various types of air defense air crafts ‘(fighter jets) have been reviewed at air force facilities including Embakasi and Laikipia airbase to verify various aspects of the operational context and the F-15 has been the most compatible with current KDF control and support resources.

The Boeing F-15 Eagle remains world’s best interceptor fighters and primary air-superiority fighter.

It is a large, light twin-engined aircraft with high, shoulder-mounted fixed-geometry swept wings and twin tails and can carry up to 16,000 pounds of bombs, fuel tanks, and missiles

The F-15 fits KDF transition from the F-5 platform based on a number of factors such as radar control and support systems besides weather and air defense monitoring systems.

The F-15 will fit in an upgraded F-5 environment thats why various types of upgrades have been ongoing in Laikipia airbase and the Wajir airbase which the KDF will use as a second air force main base.

The F-15 fighter jet is all weather night and day fighter bomber with a track record of zero defeat and superior avionics in comparison with any other fighter aircraft such as the Russian Sukhoi.

It uses the Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems AN/ALQ-131 electronic countermeasures pod also used by the F-5 fighter.

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