India Increases Defense Spending By 5.5% To $63.9 Billion For The Year 2018

India in a drastic move has increased its defense spending by 5.5% to $63.9 billion which makes it one of the world’s five biggest military spenders ahead of countries like France. The spike in defense spending can be accredited to geopolitical factors like proximity to the Middle East as well as her reliance on imported weapons.

Worldwide military spending rose marginally last year to $1.73 trillion, or roughly 2.2 percent of the global gross domestic product, the group said. The list of the world’s biggest military spenders has remained consistent in recent years, dominated by the U.S. and China, which spent $610 billion and $228 billion respectively, according to SIPRI, which researches global arms spending.

In India’s case, however, increased spending doesn’t mean the armed forces are deploying state-of-the-art equipment. The rise in defense spending mostly goes toward salaries and pensions for roughly 1.4 million serving personnel and more than 2 million veterans.

The increased spending will increase the morale of the Indian soldiers who are likely to face challenges from terror organization in the region in the recent years as ISIS in the Middle East falls.

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