Inadequate Manpower and Funding, Lack Of Total Support From African Union; Blamed For Increased Al Shabaab Attacks on AMISOM Troops

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Friday 15th January 2016, a well-orchestrated al Shabaab happened on a Kenya Defence Force camp in El-Adde Gedo region in Somalia that has been termed as the worsted attack on the KDF forces since Kenya’s incursion into Somalia.

OSINT have confirmed the use of Suicide Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (SVBIED) as a decoy that gave a leeway for the mega attack.

Attack exposed weakness and challenges faced in the fight against the Somali-based militants.


The attack on the KDF camp that is the most deadly on the Kenyan contingent since its incursion into Somalia has pointed on a few weaknesses and areas that the troops in the country and Africa as a whole is failing to do to deal with the menace.

Towards the end of 2015, al Shabaab terror organization openly announced a splinter group that has shifted loyalty from al Qaeda to the ISIS takfiri sparking rumor of a weakened terror network in Somalia.

In their previously futile attempts to gain legitimacy and reestablish themselves to its followers and mother-group al Shabaab has launched attacks on the AMISOM troops none of them as deadly as the January 15th 2016 on El-Adde camp.

The El-Adde attack has exposed the major weakness of the fight against al Shabaab with challenges like, insufficient financing, inadequate manpower and the lack of total cooperation from African Union members in the fight.

Despite the al Shabaab menace directly affecting the East Africa region, continental cooperation is very vital to ensure that all necessary and adequate resources are directed towards annihilating al Shabaab once and for all.

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The attack has sparked the need for other countries that lack military contribution in AMISOM to do so along with financial support that will increase the troops to militant ratio and in turn hasten the defeat of the militants.

The KDF forces have however vowed to revenge and smoke out all the militants with or without increased support from AMISOM affirming their stand as the strongest contingent deployed under AMISOM.

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