Elite GSU Recce Squad Commandos Deserve Commendation for Ending the Garissa Attack

The Recce Company deserves credit for ending the Garissa Attack despite the hurdles they faced during the course of the hostage-rescue operation. Soldiers from the Elite Recce squad lifted the Garissa University siege after incapacitating the al Shabaab terrorists who had barricaded themselves within the dormitories alongside some of their hostages.

The al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists led by Abdirahim Mohammed Abdullahi launched the pre-dawn attack on the university by first executing armed guards stationed at the gate before proceeding to lay siege on the University as they also conducted random executions. By mid-day, the al Shabaab terrorists had effectively created a hostage-barricade crisis as the KDF working alongside the Kenya police led by Inspector-General of Police Joseph Kipchirchir Boinet attempted to contain the already volatile situation.

Meanwhile, the Recce Company in Ruiru was facilitating the transport logistics for the Recce Squad commandos who would deal with the hostage situation. Recce commandos are trained to effectively manage hostage situations using the available resources. After reaching the theater ops, the commandos were briefed on the relevant aspects of the crisis prior to them being deployed inside the university to neutralize the enemy combatants as well as ensure that the hostages are freed safely. Within a period of about 15 minutes, Recce Squad Commandos had incapacitated the attackers and also freed the hostages thus ending the Garissa Hostage crisis. For this feat, the Recce Squad deserves commendation for a job well done.

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