El Adde Administrator Escapes Assassination Attempt in Gedo


Militants on Monday 28th September planted a remote controlled improvised explosive device (IED) outside the office of the administrator of El Adde village in Gedo region Abdirashid Ali Qorleh.

Abdirashid Ali Qorleh narrowly escaped the evening incident sustaining serious injuries.


HARAKAT al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen militants have resumed their attacks in Gedo even after they were expelled from their major bases in the region. On 18 June, the militants attacked a military base in the town of Geed Wayne in Somalia’s Gedo region. They momentarily seized the base before being expelled by army reinforcements.

The administrator said that the explosive device was planted on the roadside outside his house and detonated by remote control. The administrator has sustained serious injuries.

The recent attempt on an administrator comes barely a week after AMISOM troops effortlessly drove Al Shabaab militant from Bardere, which was their remaining base in Gedo region. Bardheere had been under the full control of Al Shabab militants since 2008.

The operation launched early September 2015 to drive Al Shabaab militants out of Gedo has been a success especially with the takeover of Bardere from the militants. It served the biggest blow to the group which is now determined to retake their lost bases. AMISOM and Somali forces will however remain on guard to keep militants out of Gedo.

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