Baghdadi’s Top Aide Killed in Iraqi Forces’ Operation in Kirkuk Province

Iraqi forces reportedly killed one of the most notorious commanders of the ISIL terrorist group and the right-hand man of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Abu Walid al-Shishani known as the right-hand man of ISIL Ring Leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi was killed in security forces’ operation in Kirkuk province.

He was responsible for planning terrorist operations on civilian targets in Kirkuk, local sources reported.

The sources also reported that, the Iraqi forces found access to a number of important documents in Abu Walid’s hideout.

In a relevant development last week, the Iraqi intelligence forces killed Isma’el Mohammad Abboud, the ISIL leader of suicide bomb operations, while sweeping through the Western part of Anbar province.

Abboud was reportedly followed by a military drone as he was attempting to cross through the vast desert region in Anbar.

Once ‘Abboud reached a certain point, the Iraqi intelligence forces fired a missile at his vehicle, killing him instantly.

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