Al Shabaab Weakens As Poor Leadership, Lack Of Finances And Defections Characterized The Terror Group

Al Shabaab has recorded a significant reduction in radicalization and recruitment efforts both within Somalia and foreign fighters attributed to the weakening organizational structure and financial constraints. The lack of funds has resulted in an increased exodus of key personnel in the al Shabaab network with some even defecting to security forces in different parts of the country and region at large.

Moreover, the Somali and Kenyan government have intensified the counterterrorism efforts that have decapitated the efforts of recruitments as well as military operations against the al Shabaab.

The difficulties doubled with poor leadership and coordination have been considered as the leading causes for the weakened al Shabaab that has resulted in sporadic attacks on soft targets other than strategized attacks.

AMISOM troops, US airstrikes and attacks from the integrated SNA forces have rendered the militants on the verge of defeat seeing as they are unable to sponsor and maintain their agenda of toppling the western-back government in place in Somalia.


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