Al-Shabaab Planning Spectacular Mass Causality Terror

140902-shabaab-lead-8a_1d83e0ef4b16e2ea0a9816936ecadce5Al-Shabaab is on the rebound and it could conduct terror attacks to reinforce its agenda besides repose confidence in its faltering members and fanatics across East Africa.

Inspired by Charlie Hebdo attacks in France by Al-Qaeda and the Belgium cell, Al-Shabaab is mulling a way back to limelight.

The Shabaab has been significantly weakened both economically and militarily. Socially the outfit is losing clout and Somalia is walking to a post Al-Shabaab era.

The degrading of the terror group is very good indeed but recent events show the terrorists are on the rebound.

In past two months, Al-Shabaab effectively carried out terror attacks in Kenya and Somalia. They have increased the number of attacks on military personnel in Kenya and Somalia.

The terror attacks were spectacular, largely borrowing from western war movies scenes such as storming military bases and killing military personnel inside the compounds, sieges on militarized area’s and mass murder.

These events indicate existing capabilities, which could be perfected to conduct more terror.

According to David James, the Director of Intelligence at SI, these capabilities will be exploited to regain confidence of the youth and radical Muslims in Kenya and Somalia and parts of Tanzania.

Al-Shabaab will focus on adverse measures to regain glory and prove their are still very capable.

Adverse entails conducting large scale cum mass casualty terror attack with catastrophic psychological effect.

Anti-terrorism services must work tirelessly to preempt this threat effectively given that the Al-Shabaab are desperate to reclaim the glory and keep the outfit intact and unified

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