Al Shabaab Losing Local-Support And Sympathizers Indiscriminate Following Public Executions

Women in Somalia have appealed to the international community to exert more pressure on the al Shabaab following public execution and indiscriminate killing of youths that opt not to support the jihadi agenda.

A mother says Al-Shabaab executed her student son after falsely accusing him of being a government soldier. Sahal Ahmed Rafle was executed in Buq Aqable town over the weekend; he was removed from a vehicle last month in Fidow village, Middle Shabelle region on his way to Abudwaq town.

Sahal is among hundreds of youths in Somali that have denounced al Shabaab and opted to improve their lives by seeking education or serving in the military to ensure a future for Somalia.

Al Shabaab has been rounding up students and killing them publicly to instill fear among the residents seeing as they have lost the hold they once heard. The weakened insurgents have been rendered desperate by the increased pressure from the SNA, AMISOM and US airstrikes.

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