Al-Shabaab Grenade Attack in Mandera Shows Instinctive & Opportunistic Terror Strategies

Terrorists seek relevance in every attack. The relevance is drawn out from media who report and amplify the effect of the attack.

A grenade was detonated inside a food kiosk in Mandera town of Mandera county of Kenya on Thursday, 5th of February.

3 people were injured in the attack. All three were rushed to the Mandera County Hospital for treatment. Intelligence reports show the three were critically injured.

The attack was carried out by members of the terror group Al-Shabaab.

The relevance of the attack is ambiguous to the psychological aspects of terrorism. Analysts dissect and identify instinctive characters orchestrating the attacks.

What they did was to try and amplify the teachers crisis in the region. It could work, but the attack was low scale and of no consequence. Argues David James.

However, the ideological objective is terror averse. If amplified, the attack signifies presence of elements of Al-Shabaab in the region who are already well armed to conduct attacks.

On the other hand, the attack is an indicator of more terror activity in the offing. Terrorists hurling grenades on low-value targets may signal a desperate thinking.

Al-Shabaab in Mandera may be using the teachers crisis to cause fear and scare the teachers away.

The terrorists who threw the grenade are still at large. Mandera County police have launched a manhunt for the terror cell which is believed to be planning a terror attack in the county.

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