Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in Eastern Damascus Collapsing after Several Commanders Killed in Syrian Airstrike

Al-Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, the Nusra Front is disintegrating and collapsing as it top leadership continues to be eliminated in eastern Damascus.

In the latest Syrian airstrikes, a meeting of senior commanders of the terrorist group was disrupted with air sorties east of the province of Damascus whereby several top figures of the group were killed alongside their fighters and bodyguards on Monday night.

 According to al-Watan daily reports, several commanders of terrorists have been killed and several others have been wounded in Syrian army air raid on a command post of the terrorists in Zmelka district East of Jobar.

The paper added that Suleiman al-Ajwah, Yaser Mahmoud, Abdullah al-Khanshour nom de guerre Sheikh of snipers, Omar Beiraqdar and Balal Albu'ayzi, the cousin of Jeish al-Islam's leader were in the building when it came under air raids.

Separately,  in the same province on Sunday, Syrian air force carried out repeated combat flights over the positions of Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) in Eastern Ghouta, where five command posts of the terrorists were flattened.

The Syrian warplanes targeted heavily the Al-Nusra's bastions in al-Qaboun district North-East of Damascus, leaving five main command posts of the terrorists destroyed and the terrorists inside them dead.

Also , the army's artillery and missile units opened heavy fire at terrorists' centers in al-Qaboun, killing and wounding a number of Al-Qaeda linked terrorists.

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