Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al Zawahiri Acknowledges Ideology Rifts within Terrorist Groups

Key Highlights

  • Al Qaeda leader, Ayman al Zawahiri appearing in multiple videos released earlier during the month of August 2015 acknowledged the rifts within militant groups
  • Ayman al Zawahiri is concerned with the way in which the jihadist media has “become tools for the destruction” of the jihadists’ cause.
  • Zawahiri acknowledges that unlike the aftermath of 9/11 attacks, the jihadists have now turned the fighting against each other.
  • Al-qaeda militants accused IS of being a con in luring recruits

Analysis and Forecast

In the acknowledgement of the jihadist deviant propaganda, Zawahiri is clearly referring to the rivalry between the Islamic State and al Qaeda, the two who have long turned their backs on each other.

In the past, Al Qaeda militants have accused the Islamic State of using crude means to get new recruits and warned that such luring is not the acceptable way to wage jihad war. Such are conic wars, the Daghestani militants from Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate announced on Friday, 21 August, 2015, as per OSINT summaries.

The Al Qaeda and IS were long-time allies until the former decided that it had nothing to do with the Islamic State. Since then, the Islamic has blown their strategies out of proportion, carrying out non-isolative massacres including those against their fellow Muslims, which is against their religious teachings.

Intelligence has foreseen possibility of major terrorist groups turning against each other as their ideological differences grow out of proportion.

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