200 Boko Haram Militants Surrender To Nigerian Troops In Banki Town

Boko-Haram surrender.Event Summary:

Nigerian Military on September 25th announced a mass surrender of members of the Boko Haram-Islamic State affiliated militants.

At least 200 Boko Haram militants were reported to surrender to the Nigerian authorities in the border town on Banki near Cameroon.

The surrender succeeded the recent arrest of 43 militants and rescue of 241 women and children from the Boko Haram.


Nigerian military spokesman Sani Usman on 25th September announced the mass surrender of at least 200 Boko Haram militants in the North Eastern town of Banki.

The surrender was accompanied by the Nigerian troops regaining control of Banki Town from the militants in the recent campaign to defeat the Boko Haram by November as directed by President Buhari.

Banki is a border town that is located near the Nigeria-Cameroon border which has been strategically used by the jihadists to launch attacks into Cameroon in the recent months.

The recapture of Banki is one among the string of successes enjoyed by the Nigerian troops against the militants ranging from destruction of their camps, rescue of hostages, arrests and killing of their major suppliers as well as cutting them off of vital amenities.

The Banki town victory is preceded by the announcement of recapture of Borno State which is the home-base of Boko Haram, arrest of 43 Boko Haram militants and release of 241 women and children held captive by the militants.

Conclusion and Forecast:

In the past few months Boko Haram has lost significant ground against both the Nigerian troops and the regional Joint multi-national task force. The Nigerian army has intensified the use of intelligence especially with the chief of staff hailing from the Borno State. The army have been able to use both human and artificial intelligence to get information that preempted would be dangerous attacks on civilian.

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The surrender by the militants can equivalently be blamed on the recent revelation of a confessed militant that the Boko Haram leaders cannot read, translate or even enforce the Quran challenging their capabilities to lead.

The 3-month ultimatum from President Buhari expected to expire in November has become a major contributing factor to the crackdown and tremendous gains by the army against Boko Haram.

Nigeria’s process of de-radicalizing and integrating them back into the society will encourage the militants to surrender and help rebuild and reconcile the communities that have suffered the blow especially in Borno State.

In the future weeks to come before the expiration of the ultimatum, the Boko Haram is purported to suffer even greater losses seeing as war against the militants received a USD45 million aid from the United States last week. Additionally, the militants are voluntarily surrendering a clear indication of their lack of faith in the Boko Haram’s agenda and their leaders.

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