US To Deploy F-15E Fighter Jets to Turkey


Tuesday 10th November 2015, Pentagon said it will be sending F-15E fighter jets to Turkey to bolster the anti-ISIL campaigns. The multi-role fighter planes are set to join the F-15C warplanes deployed last week.

Pentagon announced to deploy additional F-15E warplanes which are multi-role fighters to the Incirlik air base in Turkey.

Turkey on the other had has hinted that it is open to accommodate more anti-ISIL planes on their air bases.

While speaking to journalist, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quoted saying that US-led coalition can use other bases to strike at Syria ‘if necessary’.

Last Friday, Royal Air Force sent sixF-15C fighter jets from Lakenheath base to Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base with air-to-air capability.

US-led Coalition Commitment

According to US Peter Cook the Pentagon Press Secretary and the chief spokesman for the Department of Defense, the F-15C fighters will conduct combat air control and air patrols in Turkish airspace in response to Turkish as requested by the government.

The additional F-15s warplanes set to touch Incirlik as part of countering ISIL militancy will be joining dozen A-10 warthog warplanes, Turkish F-16s jets and remotely piloted aircraft already conducting airstrikes against ISIL militant group.

US together with its allies on the war against ISIL expected to continue dialogue with Turkey on modalities to effectively countering ISIL, including the country’s border with Syria to promote Turkey’s security and regional stability,” Cook added.

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