US, Somalia Army Forces Raid Al-Shabaab, Kill Several Militants

US and Somalia Army Forces in a joint military operation raided Al-Shabaab and killed several militants.

In a dawn operation, the US and SNA forces raided a militant-held in southern Somalia and killed several Al-Shabaab operatives early Thursday.

According to a Senior Somali Intelligence official, the raid involved Somali Commandos supported by US Special Forces in two Attack helicopters.

The two helicopters raided two locations, the official said. They included a detention center run by Al-Shabaab in Kunya-Barrow village in Lower Shabelle region where unknown number of detainees were freed.

Troops engaged a small number of extremist fighters in a makeshift camp, a few kilometers but in the same region where over a dozen militants suffered heavy casualties from the air raids.

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