Turkish Jets Bombardments Destroy 15 ISIL Targets in Syria’s Al-Bab

Turkish military jets continues to Bombard ISIL extremist targets in Syria as part of the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield.

According to Turkish military source on Monday, the jets hit 15 targets in Syria’s Al-Bab region on Sunday and destroyed two control centers, an ammunition dump as well as 10 defensive positions.

The source said no warplane from the U.S.-led coalition were involved, only Turkish military jets.

The airstrikes were in support of fresh offensive to capture Al-Bab which lies about 35 kilometers (22 miles) northeast of Aleppo city.

The air support saw Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) take control of seven villages from the ISIL militants.

Military reports that almost 1,600 square kilometers (617 square miles) of land in northern Syria has been cleared of ISIL extremists since Euphrates Shield was launched on Aug. 24.

In another separate offensive, 10 PKK/PYD were killed in artillery strikes over the last 24 hours as they attempted to seize control of the Tal Jijan area, the statement further added.

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