Tourism Sector at Coast Shoots High during Easter as Kenya Tightens Grip on Security

Tourists at the Kenyan Coast. Kenya’s tourism sector improves with tightened security. (Courtesy)

Tourism sector at the Kenyan coast recorded a surge during the Easter holiday following beefed up security in the wake of Garissa attack, north of the country.

Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (KAHC) executive director at the Coast, Sam Ikwaye said the calmness in the region is responsible for the picking up of the tourism industry.

Kenya acted with speed to calm the situation after the Garissa attack that saw to the death of 147 people.

Since the attack, the country has tightened security with most police stations receiving warning alerts to stay vigilant against any possible attacks.

Several people involved in facilitating terrorist activities have also been arrested including the government leaders in Garissa who allegedly neglected their duties, thereby giving the al- Shabaab militants an easy time carrying out their murderous activities.

In connection to the foiled possible terror attack of the Kenyan parliament, Kenyan police arrested a senate official who allegedly conducted surveillance for the al –Shabaab militants for their foiled plan to attack the parliament and other targets.

Kenya has also increased government amnesty for the al- Shabaab recruits who are being called upon to surrender to the police and be re- united with their families.

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So far, the amnesty move has had positive returns on the tourism sector with young people turning up in dozens to surrender to police and also offering to share with the police valuable intelligence concerning the activities of al- Shabaab.

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With these measures in place, including the construction of a ‘wall’ to shut out attackers, Kenya has been able to restore a moment of peace which is likely to attract hundreds of tourists in the country.

In March, tourism sector received a major boost following the arrival of a cruise ship with 394 tourists at the Mombasa port.

The cruise ship, MV Silver Whispers from Seychelles, which was the first to arrive in the country this year, docked at the port with American visitors carrying a generous contribution for the tourism sector’s basket.

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