The Somali Government Calls On Al Shabaab Jihadists To Defect And Pursue Peace And National Building In Light Of Key Commandant’s Recent Defection

The Federal government of Somalia has welcomed the recent defection of Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali alias Abu Mansur to the government allied forces. The defection of Robow is very strategic for coalition forces as they will have access to invaluable intel on the core operations of the extremist group in Somalia.

The defection propels the war against the Al Qaeda affiliate that has been causing terror in the East African region a high mile with security analysists echoing the fact that the beginning of the end of Al Shabaab is neigh.

I a statement issued by the government, they called for the defection of other militants in line with President Farmajo’s pardon in order to build the nation that has been ravaged by war and hopelessness. The call for defection also comes as the Al Shabaab were reported as to have executed some of their own suspected of collaborating with the government and allied forces.

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