Swala Energy and Tullow Oil Plc Start 2D Program in Block 12b Nyanza Kenya

ea mapAustralian oil and gas company Swala Energy Limited reports that it has started a 2D seismic acquisition in block 12B in Kenya.

Swala Energy and Tullow Oil plc subsidiary Tullow Kenya BV have contracted BGP International to start the program in Nyanza province of Kenya.

Tullow Oil Plc and Swala will acquire 217 miles (350 kilometers) of 2D seismic to identify the main structural lineation in the basins and has the potential to identify structural leads for follow‐up infill seismic and/or possible drilling.

Block 12B lies in the Neogene Nyanza basin, an off-shoot of the East African Rift System (EARS).

This is a basin which has similar qualities with every other area where oil has been found in East Africa.

The 2D seismic acquisition on the oil block will determine exploration program on Block 12B.

A study carried out in 1989 revealed a tertiary fill of over 9,842 feet (3,000 meters), supported by Passive Seismic data collected from a joint venture in 2013.

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