Spanish Embasy in Libya Bombed in Suspected Islamic State Terror Attack, Say Tripoli Officials

A bomb explosion in front of the Spanish Embassy in Libya on Monday evening is the latest suspected Islamic State terror attack on Libya.Sources say the loud explosion occurred late in the evening though no diplomat was hurt.

Spain had pulled out her diplomats from Libya which is currently under the threat of the Islamic State following the Sunday Islamic State killing of  Ethiopian Christians and 21 Egyptian Christians who were killed two months ago by Islamic State militants.

Such attacks have been hitting the North African country bordering Egypt and Sudan causing a major threat along the northern part of Africa.

Militants loyal to the Islamic State have claimed responsibility for such attacks in Libya. However, there are still no claims for the Monday explosion which destroyed facilities around the Spanish Embassy.

Militants loyal to Islamic State have claimed a string of killings of foreigners as well as attacks on embassies and oilfields in Libya. The attacks on oilfields are aimed at getting control of these fields in order to sell crude oil at cheaper prices. The money is thus used to fund their other terrorism activities.

Libya has been hard hit by attacks by the Islamic State especially in Tripoli since the overthrowing of Muamar Gaddafi.

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