South Sudan Opposition Rebels Gang Up to Oust President Salva Kiir

Seven South Sudan opposition rebels have ganged up to oust President Salva Kiir.

Reports from South Sudan indicate that the seven opposition groups including that of rebel leader Riek Machar on Saturday agreed to work closely with ultimate goal of dethroning President Kiir and his government.

Other signatory of the pact included former government ministers Kosti Manibe and Lam Akol, as well as Thomas Cirillo Swaka, the military’s former head of logistics, who resigned in February citing rampant human rights abuses by the military and the dominance of President Kiir’s Dinka ethnic group.

South Sudan attained independence in 2011 but plunged into civil war two years after. President Kiir who comes from ethnic Dinka later fired his vice president, Machar, an ethnic Nuer.

The civil in the world’s youngest nation has caused conflict fought along ethnic lines. The turmoil has left hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes and nearly a quarter of the country’s population facing starvation.

The United Nations has warned that the violence amounting to ethnic cleansing may risks escalating into genocide.

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