South Sudan Army Recaptures Bentiu and Nasir from Rebels; Situation Report

South Sudanese soldiers have retaken the oil hub of Bentiu the capital of Unity state, a highly contested area in the ongoing civil war triggered by a failed coup.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Rebel forces spokesperson and the government sources have confirmed that Bentiu and Nasir have fallen to the hands of the government of South Sudan.

Intelligence sources report that SPLA spokesperson Colonel Philip Aguer first reported the capture of Nasir, a town that lies north Sobat River, and 30 kilometers from the Ethiopian border.

Bentiu fell to government forces later after a well coordinated assault on the oil hub.

Rebels in South Sudan are accused of committing ethnic killings which are war crimes.

The rebels also attacked a UN compound and assaulted peacekeepers in the compound besides killing hundreds of refugees.

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