Somali Security Forces Take Over Boat Seized by Pirates

Somali security forces managed to take over boat that had been seized by Somali pirates in an overnight operation.

According to Abdullahi Ahmed Ali, the Mayor of Hobyo, Somalia forces took control over an Indian-owned commercial boat after they surrounded the vessel off the coast in Hin-Barwaaqo village, south of Hobyo.

Reports indicate that the pirates abandoned the boat after receiving information that security forces were narrowing on them and were planning to storm the vessel, MSV Al Kauser, they had seized earlier this month en route to the southern port town of Kismayo.

Mayor Ali confirmed that only two of the crew members were found on board the boat and authorities believe the remaining nine sailors were moved to land by the pirates.

Officials said security forces are pursuing the pirates who are holding the Indian sailors hostage.

Attacks and kidnappings on Somali maritime in the past few months have been reported signaling return of Somali pirates.

Somalia security officials say piracy is slowly reemerging in Somali Indian waters following an increase in illegal fishing.

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