Somali National Army (SNA) and AU Troops Battle Out Al-Shabaab Militants in Biya-adde

burundiLatest military reports from Somalia indicate that Somalia national army (SNA) backed by allied AMISOM troops battled and pushed Al-Shabaab militants out of a key town in Middle Shabelle region.

The coalition forces comprising SNA and AMISOM peacekeepers raided Al-Shabaab in one of their in Mahaday locality.

Corresponding reports from residents confirmed that allied forces taking control of Biya-adde village which was under control of the militants. The strategic Biya-adde village is in Mahaday district, Middle Shabelle region.

Middle Shabelle region falls under AMISOM sector 5 manned by  Burundian forces.

The joint operation left over a dozen militants killed while others reports say had earlier abandoned the area before SNA and AMISOM moved in Biya-adde.

AU has warned of a plot by Al-Shabaab who in panic of AU troops narrowing down on them saying there is credible intelligence whereby the militants intend to disguise themselves by wearing the stolen AMISOM military fatigues and raid on Somali villages and towns previously liberated.

This plot is aimed at creating animosity between Somali people and AMISOM. AU has asked Somali people to remain vigil and to work together with security forces to defeat their common enemy that is against their development.

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