Six Al-Shabaab Members Sentenced By A Somali Military Court


Thursday 25th February 2016, Latest military reports from Somalia indicate that a military court in Somali’s capital Mogadishu has sentenced six Al-Shabaab members to different terms  in prison and one to a death penalty.

Abdirisack Mohamed Barrow was sentenced to death penalty after he was found guilty of a bomb that killed Somali female journalist Hindiye Hajji Mohamed.

According to Mohamed Shute the chairman of Somali military tribunal, three militants got a life imprisonment while the other two were given five years jail term.

The court said the six Al-Shabaab operatives collaborated in the killing of Hindiya Hajji, a female journalist who was working for the state-run media.

Hindiya Hajji was killed in a bomb fitted into her car in Mogadishu.

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