Russian Troops To Withdraw From Syria Effective Immediately; President Vladimir Putin

russian troopsMoscow- Russia, March 15, 2016: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that his troops would begin withdrawal from Syria as they had achieved the desired goals for their country.

The troops will begin withdrawal effective immediately and will end their incursion that began in September 2015. Russia began airstrikes were launched to support the Syrian government in their civil war that is almost 5 years old as well as ISIS militants.

Putin said that the withdrawal was after a conversation with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad who said the airstrikes have brought about a turnabout in the fight against the terrorist in Syria lauding the professionalism, courage and heroism of the Russian service personnel.

Russia’s withdrawal is sending a clear message that the Syrian government ought to pursue a political and less offensive political solution that will ultimately end conflict. This has been noted and echoed by various leaders in Europe.

"If a Russian troop withdrawal materializes, it would put President Assad under pressure to finally seriously negotiate a peaceful political transition in Geneva that would ensure the continuation of a Syrian state," said German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Russian withdrawal is in line with attempts to reduce violence and hostilities as the US-led coalition and the Syrian government seek to oversee the implementation of cessation. This will leave room for political negotiations and conflict resolution under the UN-led political process as the talks resume in Geneva.


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