Police Arrest Seven Suspected Al-Shabaab Financiers in Malindi

Police over the past weekend arrested seven suspected Al-Shabaab financiers in Malindi.

The terror financiers arrested and identified include Salim Abdulkarim, his wife Nuru Swaleh, their daughters Fatma Salim, Feiruz Salim and Khadija Namaan and relative Abdulkarim Salim who was nabbed in Majengo.

According to Malindi police boss Matawa Muchangi another suspect a woman identified as Hadija Swaleh, 80, was not taken into police custody because of her age.

The Malindi police boss added that the elderly woman was the mother of Bajina Moslem, a most wanted terrorist who fled with the late Al-Qaeda leader Fazul Mohamed to Somalia in 2008.

Police reports reveal that Fazul escaped a police dragnet in Malindi in 2008 and has never returned home ever since.

Moslem on the other hand is believed to be Somalia and is allegedly being financed by the suspects who were arrested.

The police boss also noted that preliminary investigations revealed that the family had been sending money to Moslem and the terror group based in Somalia.

The arrested are reported to finance Al-Shabaab activities through money collected from sympathizers.


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