Over 4000 Somali Refugees Repatriate From Kenya As Somalia Stabilizes

refugees repatriate back to Somalia from Kenya
refugees repatriate back to Somalia from Kenya


The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) on Saturday 19th September, in its recent updates announced the repatriation progress of Somali refugees from Kenya back home.

According to statistics released a road convoy of 250 individual returned to Somalia with 224 others returning by flight in the first half of September.

As of September 15, 2015 at least 4100 refugees have returned to Somalia under the voluntary repatriation process with at least 3500 by road and the rest by air.


A Tripartite Commission formed by UNHCR and the governments of Kenya and Somalia has this year been facilitating the voluntary return of the Somali refugees from the Dadaab refugee camp into the safer regions of Somalia.

The process is expected to happen in phases with the returnees doing so voluntarily some with the aid of the UNHCR and set-up support while others on their own.

The UNHCR bi-weekly update on the repatriation process as released on 19th September places the number of the returned refugees as of mid-September at slightly above 4100 with over 3500 returning by road and the rest by air.

Significantly, the number of refugees that have expressed and affirmed their voluntary return to Somalia as of the same time mention herein is 4878 making the identification and planning process simplified in readiness for their return.

The heavy rains anticipated in October have triggered an increase in the number of flights carrying the refugees back to Somalia to six flight rotations a week to ensure the returnees expected to return far from Mogadishu reach their destinations and settles in before the predicted El Nino rains.

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Despite the fragile security state of Somalia, and recent attacks and by the al Shabaab on AMISOM troops, the returnees exude a lot of optimism and faith in the troops’ capability to maintain the peace and keep them safe.

The voluntary returning process only affirms the recent Somali’s government statements that the Al Shabaab is not resurging rather desperately trying to remain relevant.

The global terror network is crumbling specially with Al Qaeda and Islamic State Takfiri wagging war against each other, all affiliates are desperately trying to prove their worth and relevance.

The Federal Government of Somali is ceaselessly trying to establish sustainable development and revive the country’s economy. The returnees will provide the skills and man power needed to maintain and sustain the economy and development being put up by the FGS in partnership with her international allies.

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