Operation Linda Boni Records Gains Against Jaysh Ayman Terrorists

A previous operation at Boni Forest FILE Photo

A previous operation at Boni Forest FILE Photo
A previous operation at Boni Forest FILE Photo
#Operation Linda Boni

Operation Linda Boni since its launch nine months ago, it has recorded tremendous gains/successes against terrorists who had set camp in the vast forest.

The operation was launched on July 2015 when it emerged Jaysh Ayman a local faction of Al-Shabaab had established a camp in Boni forest where they had settled together with their families.

According to the head of operation, James ole Serian, Operation Linda Boni had recorded many successes.

In vast forest, the government has established a military camp; nine police stations fully staffed with staff, the police stations hosts the anti-terrorism unit for profiling and prosecution of terrorists, criminals arrested.

The government is in the process of establishing a permanent Kenya Wildlife Service with rangers and forest officers.

Serian also confirmed that during the operations, camps have been discovered and several weapons recovered.

Security forces drawn from KDF army, General Service Unit and regular police operations have been able to recover more than a tonne of food supplies, guns and ammunition, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and bomb-making materials in trenches.

Residents neighbouring the forest, Bondhei, Pandanguo, Witu and Pangani – which are in Garissa and Tana River counties have been very collaborative with security apparatus and have confirmed that security is sufficient.

Serian notes that Al-Shabaab remains a threat in the area and hence called on public and security agents to maintain vigilance.

KDF officers have increased border security patrols following the emergence of Islamic State cell in Somalia which has grown to about 150 fighters. Intelligence agency has warned of the terrorist’s factions (Al-Shabaab verses Islamic State) to try to outdo each other to prove their worth by conducting attacks calling for more vigilance along Kenya-Somalia border.

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Operation Linda Boni is being carried out by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), the National Police Service, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and other State security agencies.

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