Nigeria’s Military Detains Two Al Jazeera Reporters for Loitering Near Boko Haram Headquaters

Two Al Jazeera journalists are being detained by Nigeria’s military for loitering near Boko Haram headquaters in the northeast city of Maiduguri, a news outlet said Thursday.

Ahmed Idris and Ali Mustafa were found walking in areas where military operations are ongoing against Boko Haram terrorists.

The two television journalists who had gone to cover Nigeria’s upcoming elections were being kept in their hotel rooms until further notice.

Their equipment had been confiscated.

Nigeria’s defence headquarters said on Wednesday that the two television reporters were “restrained to their hotel” after they had been monitored for “loitering” in areas where military operations were on-going against the country’s Islamist insurgency.

Boko Haram, which fights against Western influence in Nigeria and aims to impose its version of Sharia law in the country, has killed thousands of people since its insurgence started in 2009.

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