Mohamed Ali ‘Jicho Pevu’ Behind False Report On Assassination Attempt on Netanyahu During His Visit in Kenya

PMIsraeli PM Netanyahu Faced No Danger During His Kenya Visits (National Intelligence Service & Israeli MOSSAD)

Jerusalem Post published report  that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced a real threat on his life during his official visit in Kenya has been condemned, and only termed as malicious, contemptuous and alarmist.

Israeli MOSSAD and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) categorically have confirmed that at no point was the Israeli Prime minister in any danger as misreported by Jpost.

Kenya’s Intelligence Service severally has warned of some rogue, unpatriotic journalists being used by some external forces to taint and harm the image of the country.

Mohamed Ali of the infamous ‘Jicho Pevu’ has directly been linked as the source of false news about  assassination attempt on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The self-proclaimed ‘investigative journalist’ shared the false reports to the international publication that Israeli PM faced imminent danger during his 3-day visit in Kenya.

Jicho Pevu in his ‘false report’ and as Jerusalem Post put it indicated that PM’s itinerary in Nairobi was changed/altered due to a national security or direct threat on him.

Investigative journalist of Jicho Pevu unverified reports have been found damaging, and the objective of such propaganda only aimed at hurting the image of the Republic of Kenya by spelling out  doom on Kenya as an insecure country.

Mohamed Ali (Jicho Pevu) is the reporter that has been referred to as 'annoymous source by Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al-Jarida — the originator/source of the 'Netanyahu assassination attempt in Kenya'

The Kenya Security Intelligence services made it clear that;

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  • There was no assassination attempt or plan by anyone on the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  • At no point was there any disagreement/arguments between the Kenyan and Israeli security teams
  • Both security teams were working jointly for the past 6 months purposely for the great visit
  • The PM Itinerary was at no point changed due to security concerns

The Israeli intelligence Services (MOSSAD) discredited the story terming it as utter nonsense. Prime Minister Netanyahu laughed off the media report at Ethiopia saying his visit in Kenya was remarkable and succesful.

Kenya and Israeli security agencies continue to work closely and have called on Kenyan media not to misuse ‘the freedom of media’ in hurting their country.

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