Mali Military Camp Attacked By Ansar Dine Terrorist Group

Militants Seized WeaponsEVENT SUMMARY

Mali Military base was on Tuesday 20th July 2016 attacked by an Islamist militant group, Ansar Dine.

The morning attack at Nampala military camp in central Mali left some soldiers killed and few others wounded.

Nampala military camp is located about 514 kilometers from the Malian capital Bamako. Nampala town is also close to the border with Mauritania.

Malian military source indicated that the forces managed to respond to the morning attack killing several Ansar Dine terrorists and seizing much of their weaponry.

The military camp is at the center of Mali and is also close to stronghold of Macina Liberation Front, a terror front affiliated with insurgent group Ansar Dine and both regularly claim attacks in northern and central Mali.

Ansar Dine terrorist group appeared in early 2015 and is led by the radical Malian preacher Amadou Kufa, a Peul.

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