Lt Gen Njuki Mwaniki was Denied Chief of Defence Forces Post in Hours

Lt Gen Njuki Mwaniki would have been appointed Chief of Defense Forces of Kenya until a last minute lobbying by NSIS chief Michael Gichangi and members of the top Military brass decided otherwise.

Lt Gen Mwaniki who is from President Kibaki’s backyard was identified by the Defence Council and vetted for the position of Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) of Kenya.

Senior military officials in both military and military intelligence informed president Kibaki of the vital need to have a loyalist heading the military owing to the fact that 2012 was an election year.

According to military officials, Lt Gen Njuki Mwaniki could not be trusted to obey the whims of the powers-that-be going into 2012.

Lt Gen Njuki Mwaniki was appointed Commandant National Defence College (NDC).


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