Kenya’s Oil Exports to Start Early in April 2017

Kenya the East Africa economic powerhouse is set to gain from oil export sales predicted to begin early April.

According to Ministry of Energy source, the first export of crude oil is expected in April, that is, two months ahead of the projected June 2017 target.

Already, 70,000 barrels of crude oil have been stock piled according to the ministry officials saying the government is working on establishing potential oil export markets.

The government plans to use the early oil project to gauge the viability of local oil, as well as build networks ahead of full scale commercialization in 2020.

Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter said Tullow Oil has already expressed confidence in the Kenyan oil fields, giving the government confidence.

“Tullow and its partners have started drilling again and we have been informed that they have got good results,” Mr Keter was quoted as saying.

The country will initially export 2,000 barrels of crude oil daily as part of plans to test the global oil markets.

The Kenyan government has already sent oil samples to refineries in the Middle East and Asia ahead of the trial run.

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