Kenya’s Counter Ramadhan Terror Surge Operation in NEP Starts with Success

Kenya deployed teams of counter-terrorism operatives in the North Eastern Province (NEP) to counter pockets of armed jihadists planning to attack Christian villages and security officers operating in the area.

In their first operation, the joint task force conducted a raid in Gherille, a borderline area and captured Al-Shabaab deputy commander for Jay Al-Usr brigades in Gedo, Ahmed Abdi Yare.

The capturing of Ahmed Abdi Yare is a huge blow to the Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia whose plans included raids on Christian villages and churches in greater North Eastern Kenya prefecture. Yare was leading units of Jaysh Al-Usr (army of hardship) to conduct attacks.

A pocket radio, AK-47 rifle, rounds of ammunition, a military jungle jacket, and hunting knife were recovered from the terrorist group Jaysh Al-Usr brigades deputy commander, Ahmed Abdi Yare.

Weapons Recovered from Captured Jaysh Al-Usr Commander

Another unit of Counter-Terror Joint Task Force conducted a successful operation in Kulan, a borderline area and picked a cell that has been conducting surveillance on security officers using cutline’s and MSR’s.

The operation aims at intercepting and destroying the terror group’s operatives who’ve been moving towards the Somali border with Kenya.

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