Kenyan Airport Staff Receive Terror Attack Preparedness As Country Intensifies Airport And Airspace Security

Security Check point at the entrance of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport


2nd December, 2015: Highly trained British Security experts have since November been training the airport staff at all airports in Kenya on how to deal with terror threats.

The security training is among the stringent measures in place to avert any terrorist attacks either aboard Kenyan planes, air space or airports.


Kenya’s largest airport Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) was recently ranked as one of the most secure airports in Africa following the opening of the new terminal and installation of modern state-of-the-art security systems.

The new security installations have been accompanied by a rigorous training of all airports’ staff on how to handle terror threats both at the airport and or onboard Kenyan planes that commenced in November. The training comes as the East African country looks to set up its airport and airspace safety prompted by the downed Russian plane in Egypt.

Kenya Airports Authority supervisors, key airport security staffs including airport police and military are among the personnel undergoing the rigorous training.

The training tackled among other things, how to safely handle armed attacks, surface to air missiles and improvised explosive devices either embedded in cars at the airport or on passengers’ luggage. Upon completion of the training Kenya’s Airport will be a much harder target against both foreign and domestic terrorist attacks.

Kenya’s proximity to Somalia and accessibility to most parts of the world due to her elaborate air routes makes her susceptible to terrorist exploiting it as a route to join terror networks. However, the security measures mounted at all airports in the country doubled with well trained personnel not only makes the country’s airports and airspace safe but also attack-proof and efficient response time in the event of an attack.

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